I think I'll get to start in Aug 03 instead of Jan 04!!!

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I am so excited! I had originally planned to go to school at the local community college and go full time, but I didn't have someone to watch my kids. So I decided to go the next county over and attend their part time program. With the program the next county over I would have to take 3 more general ed classes than I would at the local school plus it would take me 7 semesters verses 4 since I'd be going part time instead of full time. Also since I will be out of district the tuition will be higher and gas for driving added into the scenario. Anyhow, I talked to dh last night about this and we figured the 3 classes I wouldn't have to take alone would be $1500. My sister just went to part time evening work, but I knew she wouldn't be willing to watch them that much for free. So I asked dh if I could pay my sister for watching the kids and he said yes. My sister, I talked to her, and she said she would do it. Since she would be much cheaper than paying for a regular daycare (I have 5 children 3 of them under 4 so I could never afford a regular daycare.) I think we can pull it off. I told him the money that I saved from the cheaper tuition at the local school plus not taking the three extra classes would cover most of what I will be paying my sister. I am really excited about this. I know it is only one semester difference in starting, but it will be one year difference in when I will graduate since I will be going full time instead of part time. I am totally psyched. Hopefully, I will get in the August program. I am going to apply to both schools though to keep my options open just in case.

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Woot, that's great! :) Just don't stress over it, it's not good for you or the baby!:nono: :kiss

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