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I think I already know the answer...

Specializes in pulm/cardiology pcu, surgical onc.

..but thought I'd ask anyway. Does anyone know if other colleges will recognize the credits one receives for EC nursing exams? I haven't even been able to apply for the CPNE yet and I'm getting anxious to get the show on the road and get it over with :banghead:


Specializes in PICU, ED, Infection Control, Education, cardiology.

I take it your looking to do an RN-BSN when you are finished. If so, schools will give you credit for the degree. I chose to go to a tradiational school after EC. The give all the RN to BSN students 60 nursing credits for our degree(i think the other credits like A+P and psyc are included in this), 40 of thier nursing credits and 20 gen eds for the 120 required for the BSN.


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