I think article says H1N1 virus is changing.


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I just listened to Dr. Chan's webcast. At the end, she takes questions from the press which is not in the transcript that I posted earlier. She says the virus is still stable.

However, she did remark that we have two novel viruses circulating at the same time in the world. There is the Swine Flu, and there is Bird Flu, H5N1. They will continue to monitor for changes in both. I got the distinct impression that what she meant was that they are worried about the two exchanging genetic material. That type of change would be alarming.

The other concern would be for Swine Flu to pick up Tamiflu resistance from seasonal H1N1 down in the southern hemisphere during their flu season. So far this has not happened.

Now about Replikin Ltd, the source of the info on viral change. They may or may not be correct about this. Many people do not consider them to be a reputable source of information. They claimed to have predicted the Swine Flu outbreak. While that may be true, the fact that they have made thousands of prouncements kind of clouds their reputation.

I think that we can expect the Swine Flu virus to change. That is what influenza viruses do. They constantly evolve. Whether or not it will become more virulent, it is not possible to know yet. Labs around the world will be looking for signs of this. They are constantly looking at viral samples, and it appears that the information is much more available then it usually is. It will be possible to see this info on line if you know where to look.

Replikins technology is unproven at this time.

I was sort of stunned when I read that. I thought perhaps I was misunderstanding what they were saying. So OK, I will take it with grain of salt.

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