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I am taking my PAX-PN enterance exam in 3 days (Need Urgent Tips)

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I have been studying and learning all of the mathematics on the (Review Guide for LPN/LVN Pre-Entrance Exam) I got a 100 on the practice exam that comes with the book.

I just started going through the Biology about 1 week ago and it seems easy but I have so much more to read and I only have 3 days to memorize everything.

I haven't had time to even read the vocabulary part of the book.

Please make me feel better and give me any tips. Also let me know what type of Biology questions I can expect.

No negative posts saying I wont pass please :(


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The same questions that are in the book will be very similar to the ones that you'll find on the test.

Also, know math up to intermediate algebra, a good knowledge of chemistry, and physics too.

Start going to dictionary.com and looking for the words of the day.

I actually found the test *blushes* a little hard. I havent been in school in 5 years and have been a stay at home mom so i had forgotten alot of it. If your doing well on the practice im sure you will do great on the actual test! Best of luck!


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The test is not that hard if you studied the Pax-Pn entrance book. I did and I scored exceptionally well. The questions are really similar and if you know basic science and math you'll do fine. Best of luck.