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I am applying to accelerated BSN programs in Florida. I am moving there because my family lives there and I can attend this kind of intense program, live with them, and not worry about paying rent or working. All of that is awesome... but

My B.A. is in Psychology. I meet all the basic requirements but NONE of the science prerequisites for nursing. Meaning, I must take A/P I w/ lab, A/P II w/ lab, Chem w/ lab, Micro w/lab, and nutrition.

I currently live in Washington, D.C. There are NO community colleges in Washington, D.C. There are, however, a few in Maryland and Virginia. Anyone who is familiar with D.C. knows that Maryland and Virginia, depending on what part, can literally be a few miles away.

However, this does not technically help me when applying to community colleges because "out of state" means out of state, I guess. I'm worried about the ridiculous increase in tuition and was wondering if anyone in the Washington D.C. area has looked into taking their science pre-requisites in the district and had any luck.

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Have you considered doing your pre-req's online? You do of course have the out of state fees but it may be worth it to you. I live fairly close to our CC and I chose wholly online, labs and everything. Just look around this and the distant learning thread for the schools (rio, CCConline). It may be an answer to your dilema. BTW - I love D.C.

I KNOW, I LOVE D.C. and am not exactly looking forward to going home to Florida but it's economically much smarter. I'm applying to accelerated BSN programs and can live at home rent free and not worry about working unless I choose to. I'm very fortunate.

About online classes... for some reason, I feel like I wouldn't do as well. Maybe something about my learning style or the fact that I worry about being self-motivated on-line, I don't know. I have to take a lab component with ALL classes except Nutrition so I kinda feel like getting in the groove of going to classes, dealing with students, professors, etc.... Oh, jeez I might be making a huge mistake as I read that now.

So, yeah, I'm pretty much committed to Miami Dade.

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