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Hi board. I changed my major from LPN to RN. I am wanting for anyone to answer this but I would like someone in the Chattanooga, TN area to also answer. I would like to work in a hospital in NICU but I want to eventually get my BSN then CRNA I am thinking about long and short term goals here and I know what I need to do to get to the CRNA point but is this a wise choice going this route? I would do a bridge at UTC from RN to BSN. How well is the pay in Chattanooga, at area hospital? How likely is it that once you have your BSN you may be offered a management job? thanks:eek:


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Hi there, lpnga!

First, good luck to you on your RN studies. With lots of hard work, I'm sure you'll do fine.

As for the pay in Chattanooga for an RN, well, starting pay is lower than California, Minnesota, & New York. Pay is higher for experienced RNs and for those RNs with ICU experience. An area hospital recently advertised for experienced ED nurses, offering $40 per hour. That was quite a surprise to me.

As I understand, ICU experience is important for those who want to become CRNAs. If you like NICU, becoming a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner may be right up your alley!


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My simple advice to you is to take one step at a time. Going for your RN now is a great choice. Although I commend you for having both LT goals as well as ST goals, I think life is to uncertain and full of changes to be so concrete about your future at this point. Once you get into nursing, check out all your options then make your decisions. You have a great challenge ahead of you right now with getting your RN, isn't that enough for today? Why do you think you want to be a CRNA? Have you ever worked in the OR? Is it all about the money? It's too soon to know if being a CRNA is for you imo. Just be happy with what ever you do.

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I agree totally with flowerchild's post above. While it's a great to have some ideas about what you want to do long-term, keep those long-term goals kind'a open and flexible. I've worked with so many students and new graduates who "think" they know exactly what they want to do in nursing before they have had a chance to experience much of nursing itself. The profession may surprise you! You may find that you love certain aspects that you never thought you would -- and that you don't like other aspects that you thought you would love.

Keep your eyes open as you go through school and in your early career. No one can predict what salaries will be, what opportuniities will arise, etc. Enjoy the journey!



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I'm just in my first semester of RN school, so please don't think I'm an idiot, but....what is a CRNA? Thanks ;o)

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CRNA= Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

What are Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs)?

Nurse anesthesia is an advanced clinical nursing specialty. As anesthesia specialists, CRNAs administer approximately 65% of the 26 million anesthetics given to patients in the United States each year.



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Agree totally with Flowerchild. There are so many possibilities and paths you can take within nursing that at the beginning the best thing is to familiarize yourself with what's available to you. Some paths to where you end up are straight others ramble about a bit.

It's obvious from the scope of the questions you're asking that you have many interests. Opportunities will come if you are alert adn open to the possibilities.

Good Luck.


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Yes, I agree with everyone. I want take things one at a time. I think I may have stated that who knows I might end up staying with RN but I would at least like to have my BSN in case any managing jobs was offered after years of experience of course. thanks

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