I Sure Could Use Some Help in Psyc.

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Hi Everyone,

I am in my third semester and am taking mental health. I failed the first 2 exams (there are 4 and a final), "but", the teacher gave the class an extra credit project, so I am just passing the class right now with an 82 (you need an 80 to pass all nursing classes). I passed the first 2 semesters with a B, and had to study very hard for those grades. I use the disk from our book and do each chapter, the Saunder's NCLEX and ATI modules. What the heck am I doing wrong? If anyone that has taken psyc yet and can give me some others hints to improve my grades, I would really appreciate it.

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My instructor highly recommends this book:

Mental Health Nursing: Reviews & Rationales by Mary Ann Hogan


If you pick up the Reviews & Rationales book used, make sure it comes with the CD. Each chapter has 50 questions with 20 of them in the book and on the CD and another 30 "CD only" questions, so it's a bit of a rip-off if you get the book without the CD.

It sounds like you may not need more study material recommendations, but I'll offer this one anyhow. A friend of mine also highly recommended the Davis Success series (but it's just NCLEX style questions, no review from what I understand).

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Im in Psych this summer...what are you specifically having issues with?

Is it priorititzing? Remembering meds/side effects? Choosing the correct interventions?

Could you give some more details? How does the instructor teach? Are the notes PowerPoints or some other format or do you have to take your own notes. What is different about tis semester in comparison with the last 2? Are the tests based on the lecture/notes or from the book? What topics is this next test covering? I'm taking psych in my 3rd semester too. Tomorrow is our 2nd and last test other than the final. I made an A on the first. I'd love to help you but it's hard without the details. In general I'd say. Do the readings, if your book is hard to understand use a supplemental series that makes it easy like the demystified or incredibly easy series. Then go through your text and read all the parts that go along with the notes. Highlight the parts that directly correlate with the notes. Look up anything you need to, draw pictures or make notecards as necessary to help you remember or understand specific concepts. Then continue reviewing the highlights, notecards, and pictures you made until you know them. Do practice questions from NCLEX books for practice.

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