I start nursing school in 2 months what should I study??


I am starting nursing school in October and I took A&P I last fall and A&P II this past spring so everything in that aspect is fresh in my mind. But what else should I study until I start? One of my teachers recommended a med math book and I have a nursing pharmacology book I was thinking about looking through. Also I was thinking about freshing up on ABG stuff. Does anyone have any other ideas??

Also what are some good study aid books that have helped you?? I want to get a couple made incredibly easy books and I was about getting some type of flashcards.

Any input would be awesome. Thanks! :D

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i wouldn't start buying any supplement books like the "made incredibly easy" books until you know what areas you are having difficulty in. most all those books run about $40+ each. there is plenty of free tutorial information on the internet for abgs, medication calculations, physical assessment and fluids and electrolytes. all of the below are sticky threads of the student forums. spend your time exploring them and save your money to buy books when you really need them:

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