I sent my application for a nurse extern position, now what?

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I just finished my first year of nursing school, I'm looking forward to doing student nurse externship at a local hospital. I just sent my application to the human resources office in that hospital for a nurse extern position.

It's been 2 weeks since then, and I think it's about time I contact the hospital to followup on my application and see what my status is. I just have a few questions.

Do I call human resources or get the contact number for the unit manager? (Because I gave my application tot he human resource office.) I'm unsure

Now once I reach that person, can you folks give me some pointers on what I should say? (again, i'm not sure if there are any openings in the unit for a nurse extern, but all I was told that they are usually or most likely hiring)


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I most hospitals once your appliacation is received the application is then forwarded to the corresponding manager. Call the HR dept and see what they sat. They may say wait or give you contact info.

If you really want the job, be proactive. Call HR, find out who to contact, and call them. You may worry about being a pest, but they will know that you are serious about wanting the position, if there is one. When I used to interview people in my past career, I was always very impressed by the ones that stayed top of mind by calling me to "touch base".

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