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Hi everyone,

I am having a difficult time finding the correct drugs for a diagnosis.

for example: if the patient has alchol withdrawal, hypertension, diabetes; I want a book that can tell me the drugs that go with these diagnoses.

Can I buy a book that will list the diagnosis and then the drugs that can be prescribed for it ?

Also, where can I get a good physical examination handbook. I need to know exactly what area the doctor is talking about.

thanks so much,



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Usually drug books have nursing diagnoses that apply to the specific drug being described.

I don't think I 've ever seen a drug book based on medical diagnosis.

Not much help am I? :)

As far as the book goes, I haven't looked into it but I've never seen one that offers what you've described.. My regular drug book tells the contraindications for patients with certain diagnose, as do most drug books......the PE hand book I like is the Mosby's PE hand book, got mine at Barnes and Noble, there are reviews of such handbooks on Allnurses, that way you can pick the one that sounds best to you.

Hi, Ted--

Most drug books (mine happens to be Mosby's by Skidmore-Roth) have an index which includes diagnoses, and references to drugs commonly prescribed for them.

Pharmacology text books also work that way.

My personal favorite resource is google. I put in the name of the diagnosis--or list the symptoms, and add "prescriptions" or "medication" or whatever similar word occurs to me at the time, and I usually get lots of info.

Good luck!

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