I am so psyched!


To start my school nursing job in a couple weeks!

I think this will be a great fit for me, as a nurse, and for my family as well.

Really, I'm posting this because I'm looking for any tips or tricks of the trade you guys have learned that could benefit someone new to school nursing. Also, I'm wondering what I should bring my first day? I know they provide a stethoscope and b/p cuff....I'm thinking maybe a pen light for looking at throats?

If it matters, this is an elementary school, K-4.

Thanks in advance for any replies!

Is there currently a nurse there? If so I would see if you could come in for a day or so and see what they have in the office, some of their policies, etc. An outgoing school nurse could be a great resource to you! I wish I had ANY orientation when I started! If no one is there currently see if you can connect with another local School Nurse and observe her for a day and also hopefully she can serve as a resource later whne you need to bounce something off someone else. I am the only nurse in my district so I needed to go outside my district for this but having someone you can call is a big help!

Good luck!