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I plan to join a LVN/LPN program very soon. Have some questions.

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1. What book will I need? I plan to buy any book right now before I even get in to start memorizing and learning. To be well prepared before even going to school on the first day.

Please let me know the "toughest" subjects and what I should memorize.

Your school will inform you what textbooks you will need (it will be a lot more than one book :)). There's no, one standard book that anyone here could tell you to buy. If you've already been accepted to a program, people there might be willing to tell you in advance what the required texts are for the first semester.

Everyone has a different, unique experience of what the "toughest" courses are. You'll just have to wait and see what turns out to be particularly hard or easy for you.

Best wishes!

I agree with the first comment. Teachers have their own unique way of teaching. I am currently in the LPN program, and honestly, if you are a new student to the medical field, or just have been out of tune for a minute, make sure that you familiarize yourself with Anatomy & Physiology...that is the basics, but it will guide you, especially through the first half. Basic math skills and good study habits have helped me. I have an A average so far, It's not easy, but I believe us students make it harder than it has to be....Good Luck to you:)

Oh I agree...you can't know TOO MUCH a&p!!!