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I passed???

Hello fellow nurses! I guess I can call myself that now lol- I still have to take my NCLEX but have all of my classes done and passed my exit exam. I had to take it twice but passed with flying colors the second time. My best friend didn't pass the exit exam and I am going to look at another school with her on Monday. The problem is that the classes for RN start next Tuesday. It would be nice to have a break. We wouldn't have clinicals until the Spring so I would only have two classes. However, the last three semesters I would have three classes and clinicals. If I went to the other school I could take a break until April and it is a university setting. You don't have to do the clinical section until all of your classes are completed. I would be able to work and I am so tired of being a broke student lol.... I have to make a quick decision because like I said- classes start in five days. Isn't it better to work as a LPN while working on your RN degree so you can get hands on experience?

It depends on how broke you can afford to be.

I did the RN via distance learning while an LPN. It was very hard because you come home from work exhausted.

If I were young enough to deal with being needing-roommates-and-handouts-from-Mom-and-Dad broke I'd go full time in a heartbeat.


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