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I passed NCLEX my 5th try

by lorisweet.1303 lorisweet.1303 (New) New

I know I know, it took me a few tries but I finally got it. It took me five years and a few different careers but I persevered studied and passed! If you are in a similar situation, Do not give up my friend. You can do it!

  • I passed NCLEX using Hurst review for an overview of my content and I also used Kaplan!
  • The Kaplan questions and the rationales will prepare you to think the NCLEX Way.
  • My Kaplan Scores were in the high 50's and low 60 range but got progressively better toward the end of the trainers. My q-bank scores were in the mid 60 average.
  • Study around the same time that you take your exam on exam day! (I took my exam at 8 am because I trained myself to be alert and ready to test for that time frame).

  1. I also studied using the Binaural Beats on youtube, it helped me concentrate for 2-3 hours at a time.
  2. Another really helpful tip is, quit your job....FOCUS on studying NCLEX as if it were your 9 to 5!
  3. Fryes Bullets were also helpful for whenever I left home to run errands or visit friends and family. You can easily take the book out and read a page or two.
  4. I also viewed a few threads that gave access to the NCLEX Study guide.
  5. Be prepared to take the FULL EXAM!
  6. Make a Vision Board
  7. Pray

This is so awesome! Congrats! I give you major props for never giving up - even after 4 times of taking it!! That's amazing!

I take my NCLEX for the first time on Feb 27th (a couple of weeks away). I too have used HURST for content and am currently working on the Kaplan QTrainers and QBank!

Did you memorize the entire Hurst workbook? What I did was watch each video at least twice sometimes three times (for the topics that I have difficulty with like Cardiac and endocrine). After the first time I watched the video, I filled out the section of the book that went along with it. The second time I watched the video, I read through the notes. I then reviewed the section, a third time to go see if I can lecture on it by myself (without or with minimally looking at the notes). How did you do on the QReview questions? I haven't done them yet and was wondering when would be a good time to do them? The week before the exam?

Now, I'm just working on answering the Kaplan q's. I aim to do at least 100-150 q's a day. And I hope this method of preparation will allow me to pass!


Thank you! I recommend that you just stick to KAPLAN for your questions it is in the NCLEX format. Also, I remembered Hurst Review content by listening to it over and over again and basically teaching it to friends. I also read more about the areas I was unsure of. Such as Cardiac Rhythms and the different types of medication used to correct each issue. . . . For example what does a stroke look like on a telemetry strip? I had no idea so I looked it up. Digging beyond what has been "given" to you on Hurst is a must. I believe the questions Helped me tremendously! I did 200-300 Kaplan questions Daily! Practice as if you will have to sit for the WHOLE exam (builds endurance).

Hi Were you local graduate? I wAnted to take NCLEX for the 5th time but I couldnt until I do remedial course FL BON