I Passed my NCLEX PN 1st Time after 7 years out of school. I am still in shock

Nursing Students NCLEX


Not sure what to say right now! I'll just like to encourage anyone out there.

Before I took the nclex I was online reading people's stories about their journey to become nurses. This was how I got my confidence to schedule the test after 7 years after graduation.

First thing, I did was ordered Saunders PN from Barnes and nobles ( the orange book ). The day it came I took the pretest online and started the review study calendar and also take practice test in the study mode. I made sure I read EVERYDAY!!!! I read on my lunch break at work and I also read when I go home. As the days went by I felt like I was recalling everything from school, some things have changed but most of the content is the same.

Secondly, I went on the NCSBN website and purchased the 5 weeks course because I scheduled my Nclex test for 5 weeks. Cost me $70

https://www.learningexpresshub.com/ they have free questions there too

This is a lot of reading but I must say it HELPED! Make sure you do every question and read rationale. My advice is before starting please learn your lab values!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Study one per day, which ever works for you.

Lastly, I went on Mark Klimek Blue book (ALL) NCLEX Study Guide Flashcards | Quizlet search Mark Klimerck and printed out his blue book quiz, and just read the print out. What ever you don't understand, just review it in the orange Saunders book.

On my Nclex I got a lot of select all questions but with Glory to God I passed! Took the test on May 23 at 8am. Got 105 questions, I felt like I failed.

Got an email saying congratulations May 24th. I am beyond happy.

Dont be nervous! Just read and let Gods will be done in your life. Good luck!

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