I am your Nurse (poem)


Hello good sir, how are you?

Today i am your nurse.

I will be taking care of you,

So you can try your worst.

This right here is your call light,

Your best friend during your stay

It will call your nurse into sight

Use it with caution, and we will have a good day!

If you need assistance with you meal, don't forget to call

If you need to use the bathroom, remember not to fall

Here are your non-skid socks, should be on your feet at all times

You room phone is within reach, pick it up when it chimes

Call for pain,

Play no games,

avoid a mess,

And yell when in distress .

Any questions sir?

If not, than I must go

It's a pleasure to have you in my care

I truly hope you know.


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Awwwww that's a very good one!