I need motivation


Hi everyone I'm a pre-nursing student and right now I just need motivation to keep going. I want to be a nurse so badly and I love learning new things but with summer classes taking over my life it's getting hectic and also I'm working trying to save for my cna class. Also is the cna class hard? I have to get it before I apply to the nursing program.


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What classes are you taking for summer right now? Are they non science prereqs combined with sciences? Summer courses go by pretty fast so don't get behind on your readings and hw, try to study daily. Don't try to work too much as well, you do need studying time.


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I've taken many summers nonstop and it can be not so fun. Keep working at it and don't forget to take small breaks.

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Summer classes always feel a little busier than you expect them to, but you can survive! One of my favorite ways to make summer school a bit less of a drag is to take any reading assignments to the local park and plop myself on a picnic blanket or bench for a couple of hours. Even though I'm still studying it feels more like I'm getting in some summer fun.

I personally did not find the CNA course hard when I took it and there was very little outside of class work.

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What do you need to motivate yourself besides what you say? "I want to be a nurse so badly".

Wanting and doing are two totally different paths. Also you must define "hard". Hard classes to one person may not be to another. If you really want to be a nurse everything about it is pretty much going to be "hard". So if that is your determining factor to whether you will do it then you may be stuck in the "wanting" and not "doing". I would think the idea of a career you are proud of and that pays decent would be enough motivation for anyone.