I need to interview a nurse! =]


Hi, I am a pre-nursing student at Northern Michigan University. For my class we have to write a career paper about being a nurse and part of the paper is to interview someone. I was wondering if there was any RN's who would be willing to let me ask them a few questions via email. Thank you very much!


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Hey! I am originally from Marquette myself!! I grew up in Big Bay. (Im going to school in WA state right now though) lol. My dad actually graduated from NMUs nursing program and now works at Marquette General. Have you tried talking to the hospital about interviewing a nurse? I know several nurses there who would be willing to help. You can PM me if you want and I can ask my Dad about it.


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Also, if you prefer to do it via email then you might consider posting this in the general nursing discussion because this is mostly students : p

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I am an RN in Texas. I work in the OR, and have been out of school since May '08.

I'd be happy to help, unless you are looking for a specific area/type/specialty.

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