I need help, Where to go from here?


Hello again everyone. Well, I need some help at this point in my life. I have some time to dwell on it, bt I have a choice to make eventually. I'm in Nursing School to become an LPN and then an RN. Theres no changing that for now. What I am confused on is where I'm going from there. The two choices are:

A. Continue on in nursing, get my Anesthetist degree and stop there, live out a comfortable life.

B. Work for a few years as an RN, go into medical school to become a Doctor and then an Anestesiologist(sp?). This feild would make more money, yes, but thats not what i'm in it for. My family doesnt have alot of money, and never have really gotten anywhere.. The title of Doctor is what i would take this path for, to make myself pretty much top shelf from where I came from.

C. Stay as an RN. I've all but ruled this out, as I have some weird advancment kick in me.

Any thoughts? Thanks everyone! Keep in mind i'm only 18(since Aug. 12th) so I have alot of time to take my life where I please with it. Starting Nursing school this October and i'll be out by the time i'm 20.

Thanks again,



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I think that this isn't a decision that you need to make right now. I am assuming that you will finish LPN degree when you are 20? So you plan on continuing to get your BSN degree or will you get a bachelors in another field? I think you have a lot of time to make a choice and shouldn't be stressing about it at this point.

There is a world of opportunities out there and I don't think you should set your sights on one thing and rule out the rest. Life has a strange way of sometimes changing your perspective. Focus on your LPN schooling and see what new things you learn and what your new interests may be.

best of luck to you.


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I second the above poster's feelings. Keep an open mind. Nursing, like healthcare in general, is changing rather rapidly. There's even been increasing talk about moving to the BSN as the minimum entry-level preparation for RN's over the next few years. The same talk is circulating about advanced practice nursing programs (like nurse anesthesia, nurse practitioner, nurse midwife, etc) slowly moving to doctoral degrees, so you might be able to achieve your doctor title and never even leave nursing.

Best of luck to you in whichever path you take!

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