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Hi, I'm a sorta new RN(tested back in March). Also new here, so be patient with me. Im looking into RN-BSN online programs. I would prefer to go to a state school, however becasue of my nursing school accreditation, that may not be an option without me having to retake a bunch of courses. Getting to the topic of this post, I have been researching options like West Coast U, Capella, Chamberlain, Keiser just to name a few. I wanted to know:

Has anyone attended any of these schools and experiences?

Did you have any problems transferring credits to an NP program?

Also, was it hard to find a job after?

Thanks in advance for any advice

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Almost complete at Grand Canyon University, all online.....each course is 5 weeks long....so a fair bit gets thrown at u, as you get to do a full semester in 5 weeks. Usually a paper due each week, around 1000-1500 words on avergae, some only 500-750....very doable though, and I have known a few to continue on to their NP at GCU. Around $17000.00 to complete the course (if u just need the 12 classes)

Thanks for the input Flames9_RN, will keep in mind.

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Whichever school you choose, just make sure they have regional as well as CCNE or ACEN accreditation. That will be important if you continue your education. Best of luck!

Thanks for that PixieRN. Sorry about responding so late.