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hi my name is kari, i am 17 and wanna do nicu. i am from texas, and i was just wondering if you all knew of any good colleges that offered it. i looked @ texas tech's school of nursing but didn't see it there. i was told texas a&m was the only school who had it but when i looked @ their school of nursing i could not find anything about it. if any of you all can help me out i would so greatly apperciate it. i've wanted to be a nicu nurse since i was 7 and my best friend lost a premature bother and the other survived. that's when i knew this was what iw anted to be. thanx kari :confused:

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Kari...no program offers NICU, you go to nursing school and do all aspects of nursing, from geriatrics to babies. Usually, nursing students aren't permitted in the NICU, at least in our hospital they aren't. NICU is something you go into when you graduate.

Good Luck!


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Up here you can choose where you would like to do your 650 hours of final consolidation (preceptorship)....and there are multiple hospitals that offer NICU placements for students (SICK KIDS and MOUNT SIANI being the leaders)... these hospitals will also accept US students following the set-up of an affiliation agreement between your school and the hospital. (something for you to look into ahead of time)

Good luck, and the best to you in the future !!!!!


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Also keep in mind that even if you do NOTHIND NICU-related in school, you can still go into the area. I did.


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Hi Kari,

I went to nursing school in Tx and started right into the NICU after graduation. When you graduate, look for a hospital that offers a preceptorship or internship. In that way, you can gain some valuable experience in the area under the helpful and watchful eye of an experienced NICU nurse. Also, while in school, I worked as a nurse extern to gain experience in the area. You can get as much out of your education as you put into it! Go for it! It is great!

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