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Hi all. I would appreciate any tips in this area. I have been a RN in 2 LTC facilities. Our local hospital is having ad after ad for RNs. I interviewed 2 weeks ago and have never heard back...not even the no thank you letter. I feel as if my experience has been so limited. Basic pill pushing 101. I've also done trachs, t/f, and basic everyday things. You know post care hips etc. A lot of what I've done has been organizational and solid relationships with residents and their families. I need ideas from professionals in my area to help boost my skills/experience without being dishonest/exaggerating. I feel like I have lost a lot of things since nursing school..sigh. I know I am a good nurse, very responsible and dependable, am respected by my coworkers.

I feel like I'm on a bad luck streak. I gave my 2 week notice to my employment from hell and ended up going PRN to keep myself from feeling over anxious about being unemployed. Gotta end those nightmares of wiping out my savings and living in my car.

My biggest detriment is that I have 5 children and my fiance works 2-10. That leaves my flexibility option limited to days or 8 hour nocs along with weekends. I offered to work 3 out of 4 weekends any shift and still did not get a response yet...ugh!! Now this last week they are advertising welcoming new grads and a training program for CCU. Where do they get off wanting a new grad in critcal care?? much less anywhere else. How do you compete with a new grads??

Any pointers would be appreciative as I've had the first interview of my 32 years without being offered a position and feeling let down (I'll get over that)!! Thanks.


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The above post sounds so whiney. Please forgive that. I'm just very discouraged. My present employment horror has drug out the very worst attitude possible from me lately. It has taken away my zest for nursing and I so want that back. I miss getting excited about going to work to learn new things and make a difference for reasonable compensation.


Well - here I am to help :)

I work with nurses and doctors, so on. It will my pleasure to help. send me your resume and I will revise and give tips if needed. I've been in allnurses.com :)




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My hospital is famous for losing applications and resumes. If you know where you want to work, get in touch with the manager of that unit. Call the HR department and ask about your application as you are interested in pursueing other job opportunities but they are your first choice.

Good luck!


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Call them! I applied at 2 hospitals, got interviewed and hired within a week at Hospital A. I was to start within 3 weeks. I really really wanted to work at Hospital B though. I called Hospital B once a week for 3 weeks, they finally set up an interview and hired me. I think they hired me just so I'd stop calling. LOL Keep calling them!!:D


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So many places, especially at this time of year, as inundated with new grad applications that the recruiter is overwhelmed, give them a gntle nudge and they will also see that you are obviously really interested in working there as well. Good Luck, anyone who has done lots of trachs is welcome wher I work.


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go to http://www.monster.com or http://www.flipdog.com

They have a resume' writer wizard (free) that will guide you through the steps and post it free as well.

http://www.americasjobbank.com/ is also good. You can post your resume' for specific areas and specific employers.


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I would call them again, like fedupnurse our HR dept is swamped and unfortunately hasn't responded to applicants very quickly so we missed good hires I'm sure.

You may want to check out this page on resume tips from http://www.hospitalsoup.com

There is an example that shows a nursing resume before a resume "makeover" and



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I would definitely follow-up with the people who did your interviews. I would also ask them whether or not your hours of availability were posing a problem. Are you sure that they had permanent day positions and/or 8-hour night positions available?

At my hospital, we would not even consider hiring someone who could only work 8-hour shifts. We would consider letting one of nurses with seniority work only 8 hours, but everyone here usually works 12-hour shifts. When you speak with the Recruiters, be sure to ask if your limited availability is hurting your chances of being hired.

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