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I need help making a job decision....I'm a nursing student


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I posted this question awhile back on the Texas forum but never got any replies so I thought I would generalize the question.

I have completed my first year of nursing school and have one more year of the ADN program left to go. I have received two job offers for prn nursing student positions. There are pros and cons to both. The first hospital is Parkland which is a county hospital in Dallas. This would be almost an hour drive for me however the experience would be great. I would be able to perform nursing skills such as catheters, injections, etc., to feel more confident when I start back school in August. The other position is a hospital close to where I live North of Dallas. The hospital is nice and looks like a place that I would enjoy working after I graduate. The cons of this position would be that I wouldn't get to perform nursing skills, only tech skills. I have to make a decision and I just don't know! Any thoughts from others who have been in my shoes?? Thanks!

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Would you be able to handle a two-hour commute in addition to your school responsibilities? You never know, if you take the position at the closer hospital, nurses will find out you are a nursing student and pull you in when interesting learning experiences take place. Either place would get your foot in the door for after graduation, which is a major plus.

I would go with the second one. It is closer and you even said you would like to work there when you are done. As the previous poster said, you may get pulled in on some things that could get you some good experience, and it may open the door for you to work there when you are done with school.

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I'm still trying to decide. I have to make a decision today. I also wanted to mention that I will only be working one day per week. Also, the job downtown is in a med/surg unit and the job closer to where I live is on the IMCU floor. I am just so nervous about checkoffs for this next semester. I did not get a chance to do a Foley catheter or NG tube on a live being. I also have only given one injection. Clinicals make me so nervous! I just wish the hospital job closer to me would allow me to practice these skills. Any more thoughts?

If it were me, I'd go with the closer one where I'd like to eventually work.

I don't know how your school handles checking off skills you didn't perform but I assume you aren't penalized for not having the opportunity in clinical? Won't they just check you off in the lab instead?


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Skills will come to you, honestly. I'd vote for the one closest to you. IMCU could be pretty interesting and it helps to get a foot in the door at a hospital you like. I also wouldn't want to commute two hours roundtrip, but for some people it can be relaxing. Congrats on having 2 job offers!

I agree with the others. The job closest to you, because skills will come. I was "just a tech" during school and it was a great experience. The nurses pulled me in to observe as often as they could.

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Thanks for all of your responses. I still haven't made up my mind. I am hoping it will hit me before the night is up!

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