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I am currently in school to get my LPN licence and my school has a few choices of schools that the credits from there RN program will transfer to. I was wondering if I came for a job interview and you saw that I attended a online University, would that give an automatic BAD impression? I am really worried. I have the choice of getting my licence as LPN then bridging to a different school but it will add 2 years to my time. Thak you for your help in advance I just really want to make the right decision. :o

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I am actually doing the online RPN to BSCN and I would like to know the same thing?

It would depend on how much experience you had as an LPN/RPN, and the type of experience. I would always prefer hiring someone that did not attend an online school over one that did attend online. There is nothing like practical experience.

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I was an LPN and completed my degree/RN online. I have had 3 jobs since I graduated several years ago and I have not had my online education called into questions. I did however make sure that my online program was acredited and accepted by my board of nursing.

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