I need help with a career dilemma


I don't think that I am cut out to be a nurse in a hospital. I am a new grad and was wondering if there were nursing careers not in the hospital or should I have done a different degree altogether?


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I feel your pain. Unfortunately, there seems to be very little outside of traditional hospital nursing for a new grad. You can try hospice, although around here most only hire experienced nurses. You can also try getting a job in a doctor's office. That is about it I think.


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Doctor's office, urgent care clinic, LTC......home health usually requires a year or two of hospital experience first. I have known quite a few nurses that worked their year in a hospital just to get a job in home health.


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You might like LTC (nursing homes) better. I can think of two nurses I know who only work in LTC and are happy with that. One never worked in hospitals. The other hasn't worked in a hospital in decades. Also some new grads go straight into home health care - it depends on the company so you have to ask around.


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I am in the same exact boat! I have a job in a med-surg unit and absolutely dread the night before, the nurses run around like chickens without their heads. One said, at 4pm, that she only had a vitamin and coffee and no lunch. No, thank you. I had an interview today for a laser hair removal nurse, they are willing to train (but not enough hours:(. So you might try the cosmetic industry. Also check out Adult Day Health Centers. They are often willing to hire new grads. I am going to try LTC's part time and laser nurse part time. I cannot deal with the hospitals, no siree. Good luck my friend!


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I just have to say that as a nurse whose been working for almost four years, the FIRST year sucks. It will get better and do not give up. I felt the same way you do, i was stressed out, i hated being a nurse at first but after a while when you get a hang of things and get you a routine down, everything comes together.

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I almost gave up on hospital work - more than once! But after the first year it got easier and now I feel at home here. Consider school nursing as well. If you live in a large city try specialty surgeons (hearts, eyes, etc). They are more prone to hiring RN's to assist with in-office procedures, teach patients, ancillary testing, etc. Good luck and I am sorry you are facing this decision.

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