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I'm coordinating a Nursing Students' Night Out event for our college of nursing tomorrow night. This is strictly "unofficial" but it is a little fundraiser for our ANA chapter at school.

We are having the event at a venue that is a restaurant, a sports bar, an arcade and bowling alley all rolled into one. They have a VIP room that has 3 private bowling alleys and tables for us to use.

I'm trying to come up with some fun games to play - maybe some get-to-know-you games or ice breakers.

I did take a bed pan from the hospital (with permission of course) for our door prize drawings but it kind of made me start to think about a game or something fun for us to do. We have 3 sets of classes that will be attending and so far I have about 50 that have confirmed.

I thought about a "Swine Flu Relay" where we can divide up into 3 or 4 teams and each person has to run to one side and put on an isolation gown, mask, shoe covers, a hat, and gloves and run back and take it all off and the next person has to dress. We did this at our beach place with 4 or 5 other families with kids and we had a blast. Would that be too much for college-aged kids?

I got to thinking about all the arm bands we have at the hospital, DNR, Limb Alert, allergies, & Fall Risk. What can I do with those? I just KNOW there is a game in there somewhere.



"Have you ever" icebreaker game has been popular in a wide range of groups.

I saw different versions on the internet but we play it by giving everyone a set number of markers (coins if it is on a table, clothes pins work well, maybe swabs or something else nursing related). Then go around the round the room, each person asks "Have you ever_________" (something they have done), those who have not done it give up one marker.

It can also be played "I have never."

What about using the armbands in a way that they do at baby showers with the pins? If you say a certain word that's bound to come up (nurse, doctor, catheters, etc) then that person has to give up their band and give it to the person that caught them. The person with the most bands, wins.

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