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I need advise!!!

I have a 4 year old daughter and I am due to have my second child on July 20th. I have been throwing around the idea of taking the pre-req for A&P1 this fall. It is a very basic class (intro to cell and molecular bio) with two lectures and one lab per week. So basically it would be Tuesday from 5:30-9:50 and Thursday from 5:30-6:45 (have to take night classes because I will be returning to work at some point during the semester). If I have my son on his due date, he will barely be 6 weeks old when class starts. I have to return to work by 12 weeks but might have to go back earlier if our maternity savings runs out. My husband is very supportive and helpful but I have to keep in mind he will be taking two classes this fall. I guess my question is, would you take a class when your baby was only 6 weeks old or would you wait until the spring when he would be closer to 6 months old? I dont want to miss out on time with my son but for some reason I just feel like I have to rush through all these pre-reqs so I can FINALLY be a nurse!!! I have been working on pre-reqs (more like pre-pre-reqs with all my remedial math classes) for a year and a half and just got done with my math classes so I can finally take on Science. so tell me...what would you do? :confused:

Hmm... I would see if there was an online option, but just be sure you have the dedication to keep up with the class.

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Wait. You have enough to deal with, and all of your plans are going on the assumption that you will have a normal birth. One semester isn't going to make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things in terms of your career goals.

I was still breastfeeding my son when I started my pre-reqs (micro and anatomy at the same time), which means I was tip-toeing out of class during breaks to pump and eat snacks to keep my calorie-intake up...and there was a very pregnant girl in my micro class as well, so it can be done, it's all about the support network you have in place and your realistic expectations. Like RN2BDFW said, one semester should not make or break your goals, so if 6 weeks feels too young to you then you should wait. I was definitely doing a lot with a little, but my son was 4 months by the time I started, so he wasn't nearly as new and shiny (read:demanding).

My advice to you would be to only do what you can. I know how you feel. I have a 2yo and just recently found out I am pregnant and I really want to take a pre req during summer, but I also work. I am going to take classes in the fall and will be due the same week finals are going on. After that my newest addition will be about 6 weeks old when the spring semester starts and I also want to take classes then, but for now, I will go one semester at a time.

I feel as if I need to get these classes out of the way while my child(ren) are young, but I also feel bad for taking the time away from them. I am 25, turning 26 in Dec and feel I am getting older and want to have a career.

Good luck to you.

It's all about how bad you want it. If you are willing to work hard, you can do it. One of my classmates had 2 young children, worked a full time job AND gave birth during the semester. She made a B. It's all about drive and finding that time to study.

It is not impossible! I can understand if you want to wait and spend time with the baby, but at 6 weeks, he won't remember you leaving for a bit to be at school, because when you get home, you can still have that bonding time with him. 6 weeks or 6 months, either way you will be leaving for school. It may be easier at 6 weeks because maybe he won't have as bad separation anxiety from being somewhat use to it. Just from my personal experience when going to school. You will know what is best and only you can make that right decision!


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