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I need advice on withdrawing from a bio class

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I'm currently taking intro to anatomy and physiology at a commuinty college in the bay area. The class structure just doesnt work with my learning style. We meet once a week for less than 2 hours to talk about basic things, then its up to the student to learn about the body on tapescripts. So the tapescripts are "mini-courses" and we have to listen to a tape and follow along in a workbook. I just can not learn about the body this way and my teacher is no help at all. I want to withdraw from the class to avoid geting a low grade.

I did my research and found a college that has the class I need and is not taught the way Im currently taking it. I emailed the teacher and he fully explained to me that he will teach me everything I need to know. The class meets 2 times a week from 12-5. I know I will learn better this way by having hands on activities and having a teacher that can fully explain everything to me.

But.. will it look bad to have that "W" on my transcript when I decide to transfer and apply to Nursing programs??:imbar

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I had W's on my transcript and they were never an issue. They come across as neutral in the overall scheme of things. No one asked me why I had W's either.

It depends on the actual program you are looking at getting into. Some programs have a "limit" on the number of W's you can have, others don't care at all.

It would be better to have a W then have a bad grade though!

I would certainly get a poorer grade if I had to listen to the class on tape. I'd drop that class in a heartbeat or ask for a textbook with the same material in it. You can suffer a couple W's on your transcript. They don't affect your GPA. So long as you don't have several, it doesn't make you look flaky.


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