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I need advice


I'm a senior nursing student but am currently beyond failing one of my nursing courses and on the brink with the other. This has been a very hard semester. I have in the past made A-Bs in nursing school. I hate that one semester is going to ruin my academic career.

What options do I have if I fail both classes this semester?

I want to be a nurse. I was told that I could challenge the LPN boards. Would that allow me to do a bridge to RN later or would I be ineligible related to the two failures and not graduating from LPN school?

How far into the semester are you? How many more tests do you have? Do you know why you are struggling? Is it the material? If you are not understanding a particular concept, then you need to ask for help! Dont wait until it is too late!!

Does your school have a rule that you get kicked out of the program if you fail 2 nursing classes? If so, would these be the only two for you?

If the one class is truly a lost cause--I mean there is just no chance you're getting a passing grade--then I personally would completely forget about it/stop studying for it/stop going to lectures for it and focus all of my energy on pulling up my grade for the second class that you're on the brink of failing.

It might be beneficial to talk with your instructors and advisors first.

Challenging LPN boards is a state-dependent issue.

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What options do I have if I fail both classes this semester?

The only meaningful answers to this question can be found through your faculty and academic advisor. They're the ones to speak with, not the internet's anonynurses