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I need advice...


I'm currently taking a summer chemistry class because I withdrew from the one I was taking at college. It's so accelerated and I am failing the class. I am wondering if I should change majors or if I should spend another year in college and retake chemistry with another professor and get a tutor to meet with me a couple of times a week. I have a tutor for my summer class and it's helping but the class is way too fast for me. The only thing that is standing between me and starting clinical is chemistry. I got an A in micro and a B in A&P1/A&P2. Should I drop the summer class and retake chemistry in the fall or spring? I'll be in college for 3 more years then.

BeachsideRN, ASN

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Talk to your professor and advisor. If you're actually failing with no chance of passing you should drop. But some nursing schools only allow you to attempt a class a limited number of times so you should keep that in mind. In the meantime find a tutor. Chemistry is hard at first and then it just clicks. You need to read, work problems, read sine more, work more problems. Find other texts and resources until you start to understand it. I have a bachelors in chem and totally failed the first chem class I took.

I'm allowed to repeat the chemistry class once more. I've been talking to my advisor. I think I am understanding things better but the class is just moving way too fast for me to grasp the concepts fully.

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Good day, Jonahyona:

I started a chemistry class this summer and dropped out early when I figured that I wouldn't be able to keep the pace over the six week period. What I would recommend is take it in the fall where the material is more spread out. Be sure to treat it like a six credit class for putting aside twelve to eighteen hours of study time per week to be sure to do well in it.

Thank you.