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Hi, I need some advice or thoughts. I am a student at a university and applied to a BSN program. I have applied once and did not get in. So I am going to apply again for the summer and fall sessions. So in the mean time I earning a second degree in biological anthropology with a minor in biology. All classes and pre reqs that i have taken for nursing does not count towards my 2nd degree even though they cover pretty much the same material. The classes that i am takin for my 2nd degree are heavily concentrated in the structure and formation of bones and body structure. In my minor in biology i was leaning more towards the study of bacteria, viruses, etc. So my question is do you think this is a good idea? Those that are nurses, does the info that i am learning now in anthropology and biology going to help me once i get into nursing school?


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Sure won't hurt!!!


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It sounds like good information to have as a nurse. Prereqs for Nursing included Anatomy and Physiology, Chemistry, O-chem, Statistics, Critical thinking, English, speech, cultural anthropology, and microbiology. There were 9 prereqs altogether, and I have used knowledge from all the classes during nursing school. Of course, knowledge in general is always a positive.

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