I need your advice with relocating to texas!


hello, i am a lpn working at a nursing home in ohio. i am looking to relocate to texas to be closer to my children at fort hood. im looking at relocating but im looking at major cities: austin, dallas, houston.

any personal experience in these areas with job market and lvn-rn schools?

also, how is the pay? weather? where should i go? i want to leave the end of summer...thanks for your input!

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To be honest, you're better off seeking employment in smaller towns as opposed to larger, heavily populated cities. As for being an LVN, all of the hospitals I know of hire only RNs. I know some LVNs working in the emergency department in the fast track area, but that's it. Most LVNs seem to work in nursing homes. What is nursing background?

Pay varies greatly on the area you are in. Texas has no state income tax and cost of living is pretty cheap. The weather is hot and hotter than H-E-double hockey sticks in the summer months and it really doesn't start to cool down until December or January. The heat is more dry, but again, it depends on the area. Places like Houston will be more humid compared to Austin or other places closer to central or west Texas.


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Actually, Scott and White hires LVNs. We are in Temple, a town about an hour north of Austin as about a half hour from Ft. Hood. Not sure your specialty but I know we have LVNs on the floors. I work in the ICU and the only role LVNs play there are as CNAs. We MAY give a patient that is about to transfer to the floor to a LVN but that's only if we are strapped for nurses. It's rare. But if you work on the floors, definitely check us out.