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Hey everyone, my name is Meri. I'm currently enrolled in a community college nursing prgram. I'll be finished in October with an Associate Degree in Nursing... here's my dilemma.... I've been thinking about moving out of Michigan for 2 years or so. Now, when I take my N-CLEX I'm only licensed in Michigan, right? How do I become licensed in another state like Illinois? If I go to Illinois and work while I get my Bachelors degree for about 2 or 3 years will my BSN count when I come back to Michigan? How do I find stuff like this out? Because I can't find anything about this online... am I looking in the wrong places? Someone please help!


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You are licensed in whatever State you take (and pass) the NCLEX in. However, it's usually not a big deal to get an endorsement to any other State, provided you meet that State's licensing criteria.

If you graduated from an accredited nursing school (and that accredidation is recognized in the State you're interested in endorsing), that's the majority of it. Having the required courses, CEU's (if applicable) is something you'd have to check with the BON for each State you're interested in getting endorsed in.

As for a BSN, well, that's an academic degree that doesn't relate to licensing. If you're already an RN when you earn a higher degree, it doesn't affect your RN license; it's not relevant.

The information you're seeking is available on the BON website for each State.

Good luck to you! :)

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