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I am a relatively new nurse. I have 6 months med surg experience from 2002. I hurt my back and went back to work in 2004 at a blood bank. I was bored after a year. I just took a job at a Dialysis Center to try something different but I cant help but feel that I am missing something. I've been looking into other types of nursing and keep getting the "you need more med surg" shpeel. I dont think I was good med surg nurse because I am not a very organized person by nature. I did love the learning, the critical thinking, and the skills. Although I like keeping busy, I hated the constant feeling of always being tugged at all sides to get everthing done at the same time. I'm contemplating returning to med surg to continue the experience so I can move on to other things. I have to so many interests and I seem to get bored easily and feel maybe it's best to get a good foundation first. Can anyone help?

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It sounds like you havn't started dialysis yet, right?

In dialysis, I always feel pulled every direction at once. It is fast-paced, hard on the back, and never boring.

I have been a nurse for 12 years, I only have 3 months experience in med surg. I worked at a horrible hospital, and I've never been back to one. All med surg taught me was how to be miserable. I don't believe that old saying of "You have to get a year in med surg...."

I have worked inpt hospice, home-care, psych, LTC, rehab, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis. Having almost nil med surg experience has not hindered me.

If you find a job that you can do safely, have a reasonable work load, and you can tolerate the job, you are doing very well in nursing today.

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