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I must ace TEAS test first time


I am about to enter nursing school but I feel like I must get the TEAS test 100% correct the first try.This is not true,as the college I want to go to says you have to have over 75% pass rate.In order to get in on the date I would like to start,I think I can only afford one time wrong.Any tips on how to study for the TEAS?Is it okay to not get it right the first time?

First off, take a breather. It's ok if you don't pass the first time. Depending on the school, you can retake it 30 days later. For the TEAS, you'll want to get some sort of study guide. I used the Mometrix study guide and the reading, math, and grammar prepared me pretty well for the actual test. The math is a little harder in the practice exams than on the actual test. For the science, do as many practice questions as you can. Quizlet is your friend. Don't understand a certain concept? Google and youtube are your friends. There's also free TEAS practice exams such as Free Test Prep for the TEAS & TEAS Practice Test | Free ATI TEAS Practice Questions.

You should definitely shoot for a 100%, but it is difficult. An 'A' is certainly possible if you utilize the right tools, such as the ATI manual, mometrix, and ATI practice tests along with going more in depth in each subject (A&P, Biology, etc.) with textbooks, youtube videos, etc. Take it one step at a time and you'll definitely cover everything you need to. What helped me the most was looking back on the material that I had from when I took the courses in the science section. Also thoroughly review the Math, Reading, and English sections....these topics are not hard to comprehend but people often overlook them.