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I made an 843 on my fundamentals HESI exam...is that bad??

by wdyer wdyer (New) New

I am a first semester nursing student and just took my first fundamentals HESI exam. I am freaking out and trying not to cry because I made an 843 on my HESI. Is this really bad??? Can I recover from that??? Honestly, its right in the middle of finals so I wasn't able to study much for it. What are some sources that you guys have been using to prepare for the HESI exams??

Do you have to retake it to get a higher score? or did this drag your course average down (below passing?)?

840 was our passing threshold or we have to remediate. But every school is different!

It brought my average down a little bit but not below passing. I will probably still be able to make an A in the class.

I'm concerned because our school drills it into our head that if you don't get above a 900 then you will fail the NCLEX-RN. We have to remediate if we score below an 850 but they want us to make above a 900.