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I am loosing hope every day.

Like many of you I have a family and a job and try to get into the nursing program for three years now. I had applied to CoD first year and did not get in my HESI scores were.25 points to short to pass. I studied for the HESI the following year and scored in mid 95 for all four, I got on the list B and took the nursing 1100 - well that was as close as I got to the nursing program. I took the PAX rn this year and placed in 64% and any chances of getting in, I am crushed and devastated. The ironic part is that I have 4.0 GPA and all the prerequesits done, english is my second language and a less than a minute for a math question will not produce correct answer for me now, I think that pax rn are very dificult no matter how you look at it. I was sick for two weeks after getting the letter and lost weight and the will to go on , well that was three weeks ago, now I applied to the Lewis university and will take the kap test in may, and the pax pn at cod in may, if anybody outthere took eather one of those , do you have any tips, PLEASE, your advise will be pricless. I honestly feel so stupid and don't know anymore what I should do, anybody... please help!!!!!:eek:

Hang in there! Don't lose hope...keep on trying until you have exhausted every venue. Have you looked for a mentor in your area? Sometimes two heads are better than one. A mentor may have contacts or study materials (or whatever you need) to help you further your goal. I hear what you are saying and I empathize with what you are going through. Just want to let you know that I am pulling for you and I hope you achieve your goals!:)

S. McLendon

God bless you for your kind word.

I noticed that you applied to Lewis university in Illinois correct? I'm pretty sure you have a good shot of getting in there if you make I believe it's in the 70's. Good luck!

Yes, it is correct, IL. IT is 71 to pass, I got their study guide and went through it, now I am trying to time my self when answering the questions..., I think I memorized the book by now, I am scarred at this point but jut want to get it behind me.:uhoh3:

You are anything but stupid. You should be proud of all your hard work and a 4.0! Try to stay positive and focus on your goals. It sounds like you are getting more anxious and that cant be helping you with exams. Good Luck next time around.


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