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I would like to ask you some questions

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Hello, welcome to this article that I have hopefully submitted properly and if it does look strange, I apologise.

I am a media student and me and my group are making a very short documentary, about 2-3 minutes long and we had wanted to dedicate it to all the hard working nurses out there.

I find it wonderful what all you are doing, saving lives and much more that I really don't know all that well. Our documentary is about the personal experiences that nurses are having; we seem to not really understand what it is like for you to work so hard and I really want to express that in our documentary.

Now my group did have nurses we could ask, it was the first thing we thought of was to ask the member of the group who hd friends who are nurses the questions, although they all seem to busy and I had hoped we could have some really good answers.

I do have questions to ask, and I can reference the website and some of you in our documentary, by thanking you with the information and I have to ask, before you answer if you want us to have this information for our documentary. It's important that you agree. Anyway, if you can please answer these questions, it will help us a lot. Thank you and all that you do:

.What is your day to day work like at the hospital? - who do you look after?

.What it is like to work as a nurse? - benefits and problems. How do you deal with problems?

. Your hours, what are they like? Do you find them easy or really bad? Or is it necessary to have long hours?

.How did you start? - Is this the job you always wanted? Did you have to give up anything to follow this path?

.Is your holiday and sick days good - like reasonable.

.I am not going to ask you how much you get - but is payment a problem?

.Now I wanted to ask the type of patients you had to look after, but could you describe it? .What about patients and their family? What is that like?

.What about your family, does the job keep you away from your family members?

.Do you like your job? Are you happy and if so or not, why?

.Is there anything else, that I haven't asked, would you like to talk about?

I believe that's all I've got for now. But if you are not busy, It would be amazing if you all could respond, thank you again.

llg specializes in Nursing Professional Development.

Rather than base your work on the limited responses you will get to your questions ... which might be biased because they will reflect only those people's responses who want to be part of your project ...

Why not just search this site for threads with topics that interest you and get our "real-life, natural" comments to each other? Of course, you should ask the management if that is OK, but I think it should be OK. We are putting our comments out there in the public all the time.

HouTx specializes in Critical Care, Education.

My first career was in journalism. One of the first and most basic rules is to be very aware of the subtle intrusion of bias into any story.... by asking for a volunteer sample, you will only receive information from people who are overtly willing to contribute. They may provide you with accurate and unbiased information that you can generalize to the overall population.... or they may be attention-seeking (for whatever reason) and eager to jump on a platform for their message. How will you be sure?

Better approach? Actually go somewhere nurses work. Talk to them. See what they're doing. Or - as PP suggested - explore this site to see what we actually think about and how we feel.

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