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I have a lapsed NY license and want to work in CA, but I'm not sure where to begin

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I'm brand new to this site and am hoping for some advice to point me in the right direction. I've read a couple of threads with similar issues, but they're not an exact fit to my situation, so please forgive me if I missed information that's already been posted.

I worked as an OR nurse for several years in NYC and allowed my license to lapse 17-years ago (oh boy!) I changed careers for awhile after I married, but nothing was ever as fulfilling as nursing. I just went through a divorce, am relocating to southern California and want to return to nursing.

Does anyone know what I need to do? Do I need to reactivate my NY license and then apply for a CA license? Can I give them my credentials, etc., and sit for the exam out here? If I need to reactivate my NY license first, do I need to go back to NY to do so (am already in CA) or can I do this online?

I just don't know where to begin and would be grateful for any advice.

Thank you!

Tammy P.

Welcome to allnurses! :balloons:

I think your best bet would be to ask the CA BRN what you need to do. Their answer is the only one that matters. :)

Thanks elkpark! I've sent them an email, two actually, but haven't heard back from them yet:( I'm hoping it's not because my situation is impossible. I feel a lot of regret about letting my license lapse. It's just one of the mistakes I made during my 18-year marriage LOL.

I contacted the licensing department, but perhaps I should contact another one? I'm feeling frustrated and a little nervous :banghead: Maybe they don't want a nurse who's been out of the field for so long.

Thanks again for the advice. I really appreciate you taking the time to respond.


I am in a similar situation but I am a LPN and what I did was this I contacted NY bon and they told me what to do to reactivate my NY liceense which I was able to do the classes on line then I sent them all the info and my license was now active. The next step was to get a fl license , so after reasearch and much help from this website i found an online refresher course that was approved by Fl BON and I took it and completed it I am now ready to send all my parework in to Fl BON and hopefully within 30 + (lol) days I wil have my Fl LPN. I wish you much luck and keep us posted

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