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I'm a lost Nurse,after years in LTC,since I was 15 years of age..I'm not sure where or what I want to do.I love patient care, the problem is ..the only patients I've taken care of is the elderly and the dieing.The paper work and all the charting takes me away from spending real quality time with my residents..Then ,there's all the pettie attitudes that comes with the nurses..I'm tired of "I'm a better Nurse and I know the Patient better then anyone" attitude..What ever happened to team work and working for the benefit of the resident? is it all about who's better then who? I'm a very compitent and compassionet nurse..I just find alot of ***-kissing to the managers,supervisors and D.O.N. that I'm tired fo working in this field? I do find it difficult for me to use the "big" terminology to express what I'm trying to convay @ times..so the"talk" thing is not in my Corner..there also seems to be alot of jealosy with nurses..is it the field I'm in or is it just because we're all women? I'm not working right now..I want to find a different position for myself..I'm very organized and I don't mind working hard long hours..any tips or advice would be great..also, I live in a rural type community..nears big city is 45 min. away..so my options are either LTC or maybe local Hospital.Thanks for listening..maybe one fo you have been thru this before and have some advice..Rosie


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Have you thought a bout home care? This can be very rewarding and you can be little more your own boss.

Good luck,

Marijke :)

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how about travel nursing? you can go to other rural cities and they pay for almost everything.....you can also travel in your own area! how about school nursing? or maybe a physicians office?

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