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I just passed my CNA state test yeah!!!!!

I passed

I live in TN

PASSED: Handwashing

PASSED: Weighing an Ambulatory Resident

PASSED: Ambulation with Walker

PASSED: TPR, Axillary Temp

PASSED: Feeding a Dependent Resident

I have to tell you guys a lot of people failed that were in my class and they were great students. Nerves can get you. I thought for sure I was not measuring the cc's on the water intake and adding them up ok. i got 100% on all of them but 96% on the Ax temp for not wiping the arm pit. The proctor made me relax. It helped a lot to see she was not the bad guy here. I can say to all new CNA students, memorize those skills in your book and the steps in bold for sure LOL

Well I can take an extra deep breath and get that job I need so bad!!!! Good luck to all taking the test you can do it. And if you fail, no biggie just take it over and succeed.

Does anyone know what the starting pay is for hospitals here in TN??? my apps seem to ask that. I want to work the night shift


Rock on! :cheers:


Specializes in Long Term Care.


thanks yall it was nuts

Many people in my class failed. I thought I messed up on measuring cc's and adding them up after feeding a dependent resident

On to the real world LOL


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