I just need support.Im giving Nursing another try!!

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Five years ago I graduated High school with the goal of becoming a Nurse.Three rejection letters caused me to give up.So I graduated with a 3.47 gpa and obtained an Associates degree in Liberal Arts.Most of my classes were health related because my ultimate goal was to become a Nurse.I went to plan B and enrolled at Cuny Hunter's Education program.I didn't like it! I completed the semest with a 3.88 gpa but that was for 2 Education courses.I was pregnant while attending Hunter for the 1st time so I had to take spring semester off to care for my baby.I will not be attending school this Fall .I had sufficient time to think of my career and educational goals.Nursing is what I really want to do.Being at the hospital on a regular basis taught me more about Nursing and made my desire to become a Nurse stronger! So im giving it another try.Im studying harder for the NLN and will be applying to Beth Israel again after 3 years.Since I have most of my Liberal Arts completed,I will have time for my daughter and my studies.It would be very convenient for me to attend BI.So I need support! What do you think of my decision giving Nursing another try and my chances of getting into a program? Any advice on how to do well on the exam??

Congrats on deciding to go for your dream again! I've done the same thing. I started taking prereqs 7 years ago but gave up after a semester and the summer semester. I just wasn't motivated. I always knew I wanted to go back eventually and what a better time when the economy sucks, lol. Living on 1 income isn't as easy as it used to be, so last summer I decided to sign up for fall. So here I am ready to start nursing next month!! It's a lot harder now with kids (I have 2) but it'll be worth it in the end. I think if it's what you want to do...then go for it!!! Your chances are as good as anyones. I don't have any advice on the exam, my school doesn't give it. Anyway...good luck!!


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Well I guess once you want something no matter how hard you try to leave it behind it will always follow you. I have been in school for several years. First I completed a Bachelors degree and then I went for Medical Assistant and now after all that I was back in school taking prereq in my science courses for nursing program. The only advice I give is to make sure all your prereq are done before applying, make sure you check all the schools in your area and their requirements, so that gives you more choices, make sure you maintain an A or B in all your math and science courses, and make sure you have copies of all your official transcripts when you apply to the other colleges, make sure you check the deadlines for all the colleges. Its just so many students and so little seating especially if you in NY area then your exam score needs to be high, as well as your GPA. But don't get discouraged cause I am not a competitive person and I got accepted to a nursing program but again I do not live in NYC and I applied to about 4 schools. So I am excited but if its meant to be then it will be. So good luck and don't turn back even if you do not get in the first time.

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