I have an interview!

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Well actually I have two scheduled for next week all ready and just started sending my resume out earlier this week! I have not yet had a chance to go into any facilities and fill out applications because my monkeys don't start daycare till next Monday:) However a few places said they like my resume but need an official applicaiton before conducting an interview.

One interview on Monday is for a LTC on call shift, which I will take if offered until I can find a full time job. The other is for a part time shift at a rehab center. I thought I was applying to a rehabilitation center like a step up from acute care, physical therapy type place. After researching the companies website I've discovered they are a drug rehabilitaion and behavioral health center! What types of things would a CNA be doing at a drug rehabilitaion center? I just want to know what to expect when I do interview.


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I don't really know what kind of things a CNA would do there, but I think it would be really cool to work at a place like that. Probably lots of hard work, but a really good experience.

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