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I hate night shift-career change?

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Hey guys I need some advice. I graduated last May 2016 and started my first nursing job in a NICU in september 2016. I love my job, and my patient's, however I hate working night shift. It has increased my depression and anxiety. When I'm trying to sleep for my first shift I never sleep, i hate anxiety attacks and I feel secluded from the rest of society. I have been looking for day shift positions, but i know they're hard to find for new grads, I would prefer to get a weekly nursing position but I know that's even harder to find. (theres about 7 year wait on getting day shift on my unit). Any advice on what to do? I love my job, and my babies, but I'm not sure how much longer I can work weekends, holidays, and nights. :(


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how many people are ahead of you, once someone leaves, to get to day or evening shift?

unless the unit has a lot of longevity, if you stay for a while, you will likely be able to move to days after folks leave/move on/retire

keep your eyes open if you really hate nights, but NICU positions are hard to come by, particularly for new grads...-- if you love it, stick with it for now