I hate when the bookstore sells you the wrong texts!

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We spend hundreds and hundreds of $'s for these darn things, even USED, and because I decided to get a jump on studying before my A&P class starts next week, now I can't return them.

What ticks me off is that when I called the bookstore, and told them I had ordered online through their site after checking off the corrrect class number, the guy told me that they KNEW the site was incorrect with the book selection for the course. It gives out the correct book and study lab guide, but not the correct CD's to go with it. Now I have to spend an addition $149 plus overnight shipping in order to get them by Monday.

I just have to NOT send the scathing letter I wrote to the bookstore, and rewrite one that is calm and direct, pointing out their errors and how it cost me a bundle.

This isn't the first time it has happened with this site (MBS Books.com) for me. They sold me the wrong Medical Terminology books last semester. My fault - I should have double-checked, but I was out almost $100 on that one also.


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Resell them on half.com or another similar site. You won't get ALL your $$ back, but it will take some of the sting out of it.

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I always sell my used textbooks on Amazon.com

Do you think its possible you could you work something out with the prof where they'd let you use the older text?


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I will resell them back, but unfortunately, one is a workbook that I've already done one chapter in. It's not the one the course is using, so I'm out of luck. Blah!


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That is a definite big time error on their part ... why should you get stuck shelling out more? If they won't help you out with the return, they should at least give you a credit for the next time around. That's bad business, especially when they admitted that they knew it was the wrong one. Definitely send them a letter, remain professional, but demand some type of resolution. Send a copy to Student Services or the like and see where it gets you. Also, you could pursue filing a claim with the Better Business Bureau. They're excellent in resolving consumer complaints. Good luck.

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