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I Had Worst Job Offer in Hx of NPs/PAs


So I have an interview today for a company that does wound care visits in the field at various locations. After telling the ARNP who was interviewing me that new grads (my classmates) were starting off in the $80-$90k/yr range with benefits she offers me $40 per visit, no gas reimbursement, no ceu, no benefits and I could see 5 pts a day over 4 days. That would be a salary of $40,000. Plus, the interviewer told me that managed care visits only pay a flat fee regardless of if an LPN or an MD does the visit, so they just get a flat fee. ((So why then not employ only LPNs? Why did the ad say NPs or PAs?)). Now this same company advertises in other parts of the country and their ads there say they provide gas reimbursement, but not for me!

The other issue is my contact for providing wound care is not another NP or MD it's an RN. I basically call in and the RN tells me what to do. Yeah, I don't think so. Nothing against RNs but that's a huge liability for me there.

I am so disgusted by this offer, and would be less upset if it were to come from someone who knew nothing about NPs, but to come from one of our own is appalling. Plus this woman won nurse of the year in one of my professional organizations--what a sham! If anyone is in south Florida and wants to get the name of this company feel free to PM me.

This company's competition offers the same job with a salary of $100-$120k as 1099 and paid training, etc.

I am so disgusted!!:angryfire:angryfire

Go to the competition and apply with them. There are CNAs where I used to live that made more than $40,000/year. I, too, would be insulted.