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I graduated in 2012 and I'm finally testing again! Help! :)

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Hi, I graduated Nursing School in 2012. I did amazing in school but had a horrible time with my actual NCLEX. I have failed more than once and then life happened and I've let a lot of time slip away. I've been studying but its crunch time and I test in 50 days. Anyone in the same boat or have any good advice or recommendations in terms of studying? I have a Hurst book. Thanks in advance!

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Astronomical 1 has 4 years experience as a ADN, LVN.

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if you have  50 days I would recommend getting the Saunders book and uworld.

you will take the pre test with Saunders  after you take the pre test it will print out a montly study schedule according to what you scored. basically your reading one or 2 chapters a day out of the Saunders  ...at the end of the chapter do the post test then get online and do the corresponding Saunders test for what you just did. then do uworld for the concept you just did . ( you will love uworld.. because when you  take the NCLEX you will think your just taking another uworld quiz)

make sure you read the rationale and write it in a book.. dont just remember the correct answers.. you even need to read the wrong answer and

oh and you need to get the lacharity book and do the online... its  book of prioritizations....YOU NEED THIS.. since priority is scored higher.


on a side note: Kaplan give a  7 days free trial ( no credit card needed) you get access to test bank , their online classes and the pre recorded classes,,.. and 2 practice  tests

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