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I got in..... now what do I do?


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Please bear with me, this is a bit of a vent.

I just received my acceptance letter into a nearby LPN program. The program is tough to get into, and I was originally on the waiting list for a Fall 2010 start.

I'm really excited to get in, but also very torn. See, the issue is, is that my husband is currently finishing school for Animation at the same school I just applied to. He'll be done this summer. More then likely, there won't be any jobs for him around the area we're currently living in. Most likely, we'll have to move 10-12 hours away in order for him to find work.

So the dilemma at hand is what do I do? I want to be a nurse more then anything, I'm prepared to spend a year just getting a few more things done to try for an RN program. But I'd be just as content to be an LPN and then bridge up. But I don't want to have to separate for 2 years. I don't even know if I should be happy with getting in because I'm so confused. The future is so uncertain right now because we don't know where my husband is going to end up. I just don't know what to do.

Anyway, that was my rant.... if anyone has some sage advice to drop my way, I'm all ears. :cool:

Suggest to your husband that he get some of those make-do jobs while you are in school if you want to stay together while you are in school. But if you are in one of the proprietary schools for LPN, you can certainly find one in the city where your husband finds a job. If it is one of the larger schools, it might have a branch that you can transfer to. Discuss this with your husband. You know, it might take him awhile to find a good job anyway so you should have some time to work this out.