I Got In!!!!!!


Yayyyy!!! Finally after two attempts, I get accepted. Just received my letter yesterday was or still is so happy. Anyone start this August at FCCJ? Also is anyone know if there is a good apt to live around the school area? Thanks so much if you can get back to me with some useful information.

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good luck to you and congratulations


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Congratulations 12breakfree!

Sorry, I'm not sure about housing in there area... Good luck to you!



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Hi, and congrats to you! I am also starting in August this year for the night/weekend RN program. I just got my packet yesterday and I'm already stressing out. I'm missing the book list, so I'm trying to see if anyone can scan it to me.

Anyway, are you doing the night or day program? I know a lot of good places to live around Deerwood center, which is where the night program is located out of, but I don't know anything about the northside.

Good luck to finding something. Try going to apartments.com


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Aren't we suppose to have an orietation this august 1st so that they will let us know our schedules? I'm confused. Am I missing something here?

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I just got my acceptance letter today from TECO for the LPN program, we start Aug 20th ! Okay, NOW I am nervous !

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