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We are seeing a plethora of movies and books and monuments saluting WWII vets. Why not take advantage of that fact. In the future when ever we contact our representatives about nursing concerns, we should mention the fact that the best way to honor our war vets is to see that they have good care in their declining years. It is sort of ludicrous to be building monuments to veterans while they are laying in near by nursing home soaked in urine and developing bedsores. I wonder how I could drive this point home to some of these high powered movie and TV mogels like Steven Spielburg and Tom Hanks. What is the name of that newsperson who is writing all those books about WWII vets. He is making a fortune on those books, I wonder if he ever thinks about donating some of that money to their care. Maybe he should spend of the time he spends promoting his books to addressing the health care crisis that is hitting the elderly so hard.


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Tom Brokaw?

This is a wonderful idea. Here I go to send my input to my local NBC station and to my legislators. Gonna have to find Spielburg's address....


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I like it! I like it! Unfortunately, I don't know the name of the author. Your idea is great, tho!


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It's Tom Brokaw "The Greatest Generation." I have the book and it is good. By the way Oramar I did write him regarding exactly what you are talking about, well actually to the publisher because I couldn't find a way to write directly to Tom Brokaw. Never received an answer of course.


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Great idea, oramar. What a wonderful way to honor retired and active soldiers. Mr. Brokaw seems to hold veterans in such high esteem, I think it would be appropriate for him to consider taking the action of donating a portion of the proceeds of the sale of his books to them.

Also, oramar I like your idea about a movie. I would like to see a Documentary war movie produced highlighting the heroic actions of nurses and nursing staff on behalf of frontline soldiers. Perhaps ala Oliver Stone?

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